Cadbury 5 Star Changes Logo to Five Stars – Now it’s All Over the Place

“By simply tweaking our logo, the brand has created waves by investing next to nothing on advertising.”

Cadbury 5 Star has taken its proposition of ‘Do Nothing’ a notch higher with an innovative approach to product naming to assure its brand name is more widely spread.

It’s doing this by hijacking the five-star rating system and changing its chocolate packaging to resonate to five stars. No, not the rating, but literally only five stars.

As Sukesh Nayak, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy India describes it: “Cadbury 5 Star believes in the philosophy of ‘Doing Nothing’. To solidify this idea in young minds, we conceptualized a smart hack with #5StarEverywhere.”


“With every subsequent Cadbury 5 Star campaign, we have strived to do something out of the box while shining a spotlight on the ‘Do Nothing’ proposition,” said Nitin Saini, Vice President – Marketing, Mondelez India.

“By simply tweaking our logo, the brand has created waves by investing next to nothing on advertising and still gaining maximum eyeballs across almost every app. Steering away from the quintessential way of promotions, Cadbury 5 Star adds a fresh perspective by relaxing and leveraging the five-star review on the apps to spread the sweet message – Do Nothing.”


Nayak added: “This is a disruptive, app takeover idea which maximises partnerships by ensuring that 5 Star’s brand logo integration happens effortlessly across apps which have a rating mechanism. In the festive season when brands bombard consumers with thousands of branded ads, we cleverly re-designed the 5 Star wrapper to mimic the ‘ratings’ section which are present across most apps and subliminally turned them into ads for 5 Star.

So now anyone who sees an app rating page will think of Cadbury 5 Star. Yes, you will see a 5 Star literally everywhere. The list goes across platforms, service categories, languages, and countries. What adds to the fun, thanks to our ingenious idea, is that the brand will achieve to be literally everywhere, and be part of fun conversations by doing nothing beyond the regular media budget”.

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