Cacafly Metrodata Indonesia Launches AI Influencer Marketing Platform KOL Partners

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Cacafly Metrodata Indonesia (CMI) has recently launched KOL Partners, an AI influencer marketing platform. KOL Partners provides marketers with intelligent recommendations for selecting influencers, resulting in lower costs, and faster and more effective campaigns.

KOL Partners helps marketers generate lists of KOL recommendations using AI, based on influencers with similar followers and audience behaviors. Users just need to enter the Instagram ID of an influencer, and KOL Partners will generate lists of similar influencers. Additionally, users will receive metrics on these influencers, such as engagement rates, average likes and comments, and estimated costs of using the influencer.

According to Cacafly Metrodata Indonesia recruiting influencers for campaigns can be a laborious and time-consuming process, usually taking at least 7 days. Marketers often have to create a lengthy longlist to accommodate for potential unavailability or unresponsiveness. However, the company said that with KOL Partners’ recommendation engine, the time required to create a shortlist can be reduced to 3-4 days.


More accurate influencer selection also leads to better campaign performance and lowers costs wasted on working with the wrong influencers. KOL Partners also has the advantage of reducing blindspots by introducing influencers that they wouldn’t have known existed otherwise.

KOL Partners is targeted at brands and agencies working in the beauty, F&B, fashion, tech, fitness, finance, and travel verticals. More than 10 major brands and agencies have taken part in beta testing of KOL Partners.

The goal for KOL Partners is to become the largest database of influencers in Indonesia and feature over 100,000 influencers that have more than 10,000 followers.

Amanda Lai, General Manager of Cacafly Metrodata Indonesia (CMI), said: ‘We have observed tremendous growth in influencer marketing in Indonesia in recent years. Through KOL Partners, we are excited to provide brands and agencies with AI-powered capabilities to enhance the accuracy and performance of their campaigns. We believe we will be the leading solution in the market in 2024.'”


Melda Lethulur, Head of the KOL Division of Adlink Sinemedia, said: “It’s been exciting trying out KOL Partners Beta Version, I can imagine using this often to find suitable KOLs for my campaigns. By adding more features in the final version, I believe KOLPartners is going to be a powerful tool for everyone involved in Influencer Marketing and KOL Marketing”

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