Butterflies Take Flight in Singapore’s Changi Airport for ‘Millionaire’ Campaign

As part of new campaign for its annual “Be A Changi Millionaire” shopping promotion, Singapore’s Changi Airport has eight robotic butterflies flying around the airport.

The butterfly display is an interactive activation conceptualized by Ogilvy Singapore that brings this year’s campaign theme “Luck is Everywhere” to life.

The installation features eight remote-controlled kites that resemble the rare butterfly species Diaethria Anna, also known as Anna’s eighty-eight. This butterfly species is known for the markings on the underside of its hindwings that seem to reflect the number ‘88’, a symbol of prosperity and luck in Asia.


“We wanted to create a visual spectacle at the airport that would bring joy to travelers while reminding them of the ongoing “Be a Changi Millionaire” campaign,” said Melvyn Lim, Co-Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy Singapore. “This display is particularly exciting because it marks the first time that animatronics has been deployed at Changi Airport. We hope visitors will be in awe when they see the butterflies dancing gracefully to the mesmerizing music.”

Catch the display until 29 July at 7pm, 8pm and 9pm on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.



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