‘But I Thought eBay Doesn’t Exist Anymore’ – Touching New Ad With a Funny Twist




Artefact 3000

eBay has partnered with French agency Artefact 3000 to promote its updated range of products and services with a touching ad film called “The Camera” directed by Vincent Lobelle through Iconoclast.

In the two-minute film, a girl discovers a box of her dad’s old photographs. She brings them to her father who is saddened viewing them again saying “That was before, then you move on.”

The girl, however, is determined to repair dad’s old film camera, searching for Nikon spare parts, tools, and vintage accessories on eBay.


She watches YouTube tutorials and repairs the camera and gives it to her emotion-struck dad. Cue the happy ending, with a comedic twist as dad replies, “But I thought eBay doesn’t exist anymore! No one tells me anything.”



Agency: Artefact 3000
​Executive Creative Director: Fabienne Fiorucci Fouï ​
​Copywriter: Elie Souffan / Victor Chevalier
​Art Director: Steven Poindron ​
​Strategic Planner: Jean Allary ​
​Account Managers: François Brogi / Leïla Achour / Louis Perrot / Dorian Libet Descorne ​
​Brand Managers: Ségolène de Noray / Alice Truong / Fabian Sauter ​
​TV Producer: Isabelle Ménard ​
​Director: Vincent Lobelle
​Production: Iconoclast
​Sound: Schmooze



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