Korean Port City Releases ‘Busan Brand Film’ Tourism Campaign Spot

South Korea’s second largest city, Busan, has released a three-minute tourism film entitled, “Busan Brand Film” —introducing the coastal city’s attractions to domestic and international tourists.

While “Busan Brand Film” is an altogether uninspiring title, it’s a lovely piece of cinematic work, featuring scenic spots all around Korea’s port city.

Check it out:


One obvious blemish, on an otherwise lovely spot, is the English copywriting –which doesn’t really make much sense.

“What does your time mean?” it asks.


Consumers shouldn’t have to figure out a riddle, just tell them. Which, the spot doesn’t –at least textually.

It almost feels like the metronome concept got out of hand at the brainstorming session, when it, and the ticking time pieces, might better have been stopped at conception. toth lend a frenetic tone to an otherwise gorgeous beachside destination that should instill the feeling of relaxtion and leisure.

The music selection is also a bit odd -rather haunting actually- lacking the right energy for a coastal city brand campaign.

Korea has had more than its share of brand campaign fails over the years and has often been criticized for keeping government-backed branding in-house rather than hiring professional agencies with global tourism campaign experience.

No campaign credits were included with the release.

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