Burger King Promotes Debate of Who is Best Amongst the Competition in New Campaign


Burger King



Burger King France has launched a fun, energetic, and at times chaotic new ad acknowledging the power of McDonald’s, KFC, Five Guys, Quick, Bioburger, Big Fernand, PNY in a chaotic debate in a local Burger King restaurant where everyone has an opinion on who is best.

The campaign created by Buzzman says that “Choosing a burger is an art and agreeing on the best one is a debate with an appetite.”

Adding: “But it’s not a big deal because the real power of McDonald’s is in the Big Mac with its inimitable sauce. After that, it’s true that the Kentucky from KFC is a marvel… ENot to mention the Quick N’ Toast base from Quick… Well, if you think about it, it’s not as good as the recipes from Bioburger. Or Big Fernand. Anyway, all this is to say that we love the burgers from Five Guys. Wait, there are also PNY…”


And so it goes. Check it out:



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