Burger King Japan’s Flame-Grilled Scented Cologne — Smell Like a Whopper

[su_heading size=”20″]It’s a competitive market out there. Especially for burgers. Burger King Japan has hit upon an interesting new promotion that, if nothing else, might help with the country’s low birth rate.[/su_heading]

Looking at the selection on your shelf before hitting the town for that right fragrance? Why not go for the awesome smell of charbroiled? Burger King Japan introduces –in limited supply– “Flame-Grilled”, a cologne that makes you smell like a whopper of a guy.

Though it was thought to be an April fools prank considering the timing of the launch, it actually was released in a limited bottling of 1,000.


Turns out that the promotion itself actually has deeper roots in Japanese pop culture.

A few years back the term, Herbivore men (soshokudanshi) or grass eaters, became a popular term to describe 1/3 of the Japanese male population. To be called that meant that you were a person who chose to shun marriage or bother even having a girlfriend.

The stereotype posited Herbivore men as being well-groomed, soft-spoken, frugal and effeminate.

Seeking to prey on the Herbivore men are the carnivore women (nikushokujoshi). These are aggressive girls, ambitious, unafraid of taking charge in both their business and their private lives, and, to extend our gender-paired metaphor, unafraid to make the hunt and consume herbivore men.


Perhaps the herbivore man, going against his stereotype, might want to attract a carnivore women. Burger King has stepped in to help with the new fragrance..

They say it will appeal to the carnivore woman and, one would imagine, just about anyone who skipped breakfast.

The cologne is being sold for 5000 yen (roughly $55) and is being kept to an exclusive 1, 000 available bottles. The “cologne set” of course comes with an actual flame-grilled Whopper with a side of irresistible scent.

burger king japan - branding in asia

Pro tip: Dab a little tomato and pickle behind your ears to get the full effect.

Remember Last Year’s Black Burgers?

Burger King Japan, trying to survive in a world where people eat less burgers, has had some other “interesting” promotions. Such as the Black Hamburgers promotion. They came with black buns and cheese smoked with bamboo charcoal topped with a black sauce made of squid ink.

black burger burger king

You can visit Burger King Japan on the web at www.burgerkingjapan.co.jp

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