Burger King Celebrates Halloween With the Horrors of A.I.lloween

When AI is quite scary…


Generative AI, for all the impressive things it can do, is still relatively young. And like the younger forms of our own species, high levels of artistic skill do not come easy.

And according to a Halloween campaign from Burger King, there are scarier things than monsters and ghosts during Halloween… and that’s AI generated people.

“Artificial intelligence is taking up more and more space in our world,” said Buzzman, the creative agency behind the campaign.


They created AI-generated film and posters, that show customers losing their human form from the first bite they take of a burger. Buzzman said they were created using simple prompts such as “a woman eating a burger” or “a man eating in a Burger King”

Buzzman Added: “It seems that mankind still has a bright future ahead. Or maybe this press release was actually written by ChatGPT…”

Image via Burger King


Image via Burger King

Image via Burger King

Image via Burger King


Managing Director Alexandre Simon
Marketing Director Timothée Loizeau
Media Officer Erinna Beaudron
Digital & Retail Director Alexandra Laviolette
Project Manager Lila Thumerelle

President and Executive Creative Director Georges Mohammed-Chérif
Vice – President Thomas Granger
Managing Director Julien Levilain
Creative Directors Tristan Daltroff & Louis Audard
Art Director Victor Christophe
Associate Director Loïc Coelho
Account Executive Assistant Léa Lika
Head of Social Media Pierre Guengant
Social Media Consultant Félix Brunot
Social Media Consultant Elisabeth Royo
Head of PR & Communication Paul Renaudineau
PR & Communication Manager Marie Smid
PR & Communication Assistants Inès Pereira & Alizée Bédu
Head of Production Vanessa Barbel
Head of Motion Théo Berdrin
Motion Adrien Lahbar


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