Bundaberg Rum Launches First Mixed Gender Rugby Fantasy League

Just in time for the kickoff to the NRLW Premiership season, Bundaberg Rum and Leo Burnett Australia have partnered with the NRL to create the world’s first official mixed-gender fantasy league: the Bundy Mixer.

This first-of-its-kind program has been developed to allow fans to build their team by selecting players from both the men’s and women’s leagues, bringing focus to the player’s stats and gameplay, not their gender.

“Fans nationwide will now be able to pick the best of the best, not just the best of the blokes,” Leo Burnett Australia said in a release.


“The Bundy Mixer is a way to elevate the profiles of the NRLW players by championing their individual talent and abilities,” said Jodi McLeod, Marketing Manager of Bundy.

Leo Burnett Associate Creative Director, Marijke Spain, added: “Most campaigns about women’s sport tend towards ‘empowerment’ and other clichés. They often preach to the converted, rather than the majority of sports fans. So, we wanted to create an idea that would act as a trojan horse, getting diehard NRL fans to learn about the NRLW, without fundamentally creating a new behavior. ‘Bundy Mixer’ asks all NRL fans to make up their own mind about the NRLW, based on stats, not gender.”


“The Australian sporting ecosystem is extremely gender-biased in favor of male codes and athletes,” said Leo Burnett Senior Strategy Director, Abigail Dubin-Rhodin. “Only 8% of sport sponsorship and 7% of broadcast coverage is directed toward women.”

“Sports fans (over six million of them) haven’t been given a fair shot to give women and their sports a fair shot. And we all know that fans aren’t born, they’re nurtured. Aussies can’t become fanatics of women’s sport if they’re never exposed to the power of women’s sport. So, we set out to correct this imbalance and use Bundy’s fame and the brand’s relationship with the NRL to make the players of the NRLW – the fastest growing segment of the league – as famous as the men.”

To join the Bundy Mixer go here.


Client: Bundaberg Rum / Diageo
Marketing Director: Andy Oughton
Marketing Manager: Jodi McLeod
Assistant Brand Manager: Isabella Margin

Creative Agency: Leo Burnett Australia
Executive Creative Director: Andy Fergusson
Creative Director: Michelle Walsh
Associate Creative Director: Marijke Spain
Senior Copywriter: Eric Franken
Chief Strategy Officer: Catherine King
Senior Strategy Director: Abigail Dubin-Rhodin
Connections Strategy Director: Alexandra Nel
General Manager: James Walker Smith
Group Account Director: Andrew Inman
Senior Business Director: Prudence Purnell
Business Manager: Jayde Machell
Lead Integrated Producer: Justine Dooner
Social & Content Lead: Irnin Khan

Partner: NRL
Digital Account Manager: Harry Greenwood
Partnerships Manager: Emily Costello

PR: Herd MSL
Chief Client Officer: Jen Brown
Business Director: Janete Sampaio
Account Manager: Isobel Ramsay
Senior Account Executive: Michael Millimaci

Production Company: Mint Films
Director: Andrew Seaton
DOP: Matt Samperi
Producer: Nick Mutton
Photographer: Jo Duck

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