BTS Turns it Up a Notch in New Coca-Cola Campaign

    The campaign features a tv spot that turns the tedious moments into dance parties.

    By Asia Ad Junkie - Jan 19, 2021
    BTS Turns it Up a Notch in New Coca-Cola Campaign

    Coca-Cola kicked off its new global campaign ‘Turn Up Your Rhythm’ starting in Indonesia and featuring the latest track from Grammy-nominated global superstars BTS.

    The film which features BTS’s cover of ‘Jungle’, is supported by an integrated marketing campaign across social media, TV, mobile, and in-store.

    “We are happy to be collaborating with BTS for our Coca-Cola campaign ‘Turn Up Your Rhythm’,” said Pratik Thakar, Head of Global Creative Strategy and Content, The Coca-Cola Company.

    The 1-minute film turns the monotonous aspects of life into something fun and exciting. A business meeting is no longer so boring with a coke. The first 20 seconds take the cake for creativity, as the Coke plant comes alive to the sounds of BTS.

    “It features our new film which takes a look at how dull or idle moments in your day can be transformed into memorable and uplifting ones, by reaching for an ice-cold Coke. The campaign launched in Indonesia this week and will roll out in countries across the region over the course of this year.”



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