BTS Stars in Newly-Released Campaign Ads for Hyundai Palisade

What's up with this instruction manual?

Hyundai has released a new pair of campaign ads on their YouTube channel starring K-Pop boy band BTS pitching the Palisade as part of Hyundai’s “Always Remarkable” campaign.

The first spot, released on Valentine’s Day, is called “Wolf” and features a pair of BTS members in a forest setting, and noticeably dressed quite sharp for the outdoors. Well, mama always told us to dress our best regardless of the occasion, right?


The second 30-second spot, released yesterday, is dubbed “Camping.”

In it we see the boys struggle with disassembling their tent after a night out in the great outdoors. Thankfully for them, the Palisade has enough interior space that they can simply toss it in the back and be on their way.

Is this brilliantly creative campaign work? Not really. But that’s not the point here – it’s all about the star power of the K-Pop sensations pitching the Palisade. How this plays with a wider demographic in terms of auto sales remains to be seen, but the massive BTS Army is no doubt soaking up every frame of these ads.


Hyundai also released a “behind the scenes” video for fans of BTS last month – with the hopes that they will become fans of Hyundai as well.

And that’s not so far a reach, as Jamie Leelo mused over at the Elite Daily late last year: “Guess I gotta go buy a Hyundai now. Ugh.”

Here are two other earlier released spots that are part of the ongoing campaign

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