Bruce Willis Reprises Die Hard Character for DieHard Battery

    By Harold Henry - Oct 19, 2020
    Bruce Willis Reprises Die Hard Character for DieHard Battery

    Actor Bruce Willis has reprised his role as the legendary hero John McClane of Die Hard fame pitching – you guessed it – the DieHard battery for Advance Auto Parts.

    In a two-minute spot that echoes the look and feel of the 1988 film, McClane embarks on a new dangerous mission altogether – this time to get a new battery for his dead car before the bad guys can do whatever bad things they intend to do.

    He jumps through the glass of DieHard battery dealer Advance Auto Parts store where the startled clerk sells him a new battery before offering him the free installation which, McClane, short on time, shrugs off.

    Die Hard fans will spot a few Easter eggs in the clip – including an appearance by McClane’s limousine driver, Argyle, mirroring his move while navigating around Nakatomi Plaza and McClane once again finds himself crawling around in a vent, only this time it’s trying to escape an Advance Auto Parts.

    “I’ve never done any sort of commercial with the John McClane character, but Advance Auto Parts brought an idea to integrate DieHard the battery into the Die Hard story through a short film that’s authentic to McClane and both brands,” said Willis in a statement. “Advance approached this like a motion picture – the script is clever, the production intense and the spot is entertaining. This is what Die Hard fans expect. I think they will dig the DieHard –Die Hard mashup.”

    Advance Auto Parts announced their acquisition of the DieHard brand from Transformco in December of last year.

    “In the early 80s [DieHard] was extremely well-known for its boldness in creative in advertising. For the last bunch of years that has just been a lot less,” said Jason McDonell, Advance Auto Parts exec-VP and chief marketing officer. “What we wanted to do is re-ignite the equity that is still there for the brand.”

    The campaign, which aired during an NFL game between the Los Angeles Rams and the San Francisco 49ers, also includes 15 and 30-second clips.


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