Bridgestone Unveils AI-Powered Campaign via distillery

Bridgestone Asia Pacific, India, China (BSAPIC) and distillery have launched a new campaign that aims to push the boundaries of creativity and technology but leveraging the power of AI. Distillery’s Singapore office has collaborated with BSAPIC to create a campaign that merges the worlds of driving and art, aimed at highlighting the brand’s premium ultra-performance tyres. 

BSAPIC wanted to solidify its position as the leading premium & high-performance tyre brand in Asia Pacific and establish Bridgestone as a sustainable premium brand. distillery commissioned custom research on the high performance tyre customer, which uncovered art & design as a key passion point and driver of influence for brand affinity. However, the creative challenge was how do we visualise the complexities of high performance tyres and connect with consumers in a meaningful way?

“Drivers understand the sensory & performance meaning of speed, control, precision and grip,” said Lennard Kwek, Director, Brand Marketing & Communications, BSAPIC,


“These are the critical tyre benefits for high performance vehicles. But we are curious. What do they like? What interesting outcomes can we generate from transforming something that we feel to something we can see?” 

BSAPIC & distillery collaborated with a diverse group of artists, creative technologists, precision drivers and motorsport enthusiasts to reimagine the traditional tyre. The team harnessed spatial and speed data captured by AI-enhanced sensors installed on a high-performance sports car during intense driving scenarios to create four captivating art pieces in static and motion forms. These art pieces vividly depict the tyre’s performance for speed, grip, control, and precision.

The result is Bridgestone’s first-ever collection of unique AI artworks, each meticulously designed to resonate with the brand’s values and capture the essence of driving enthusiasts.


Guilet Libby, distillery Creative Director, APAC, said, “At distillery, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation. Our collaboration with Bridgestone exemplifies our dedication to delivering impactful campaigns that resonate with audiences and drive results.”

“Steve Wheen, Global CEO, distillery, emphasises that at distillery, we prioritise tangible outcomes over mere marketing noise. We leverage creativity to achieve measurable results for our clients. The Bridgestone campaign stands as a prime illustration of how we generate value for our clients.”


Creative Practice: distillery Singapore 

CEO and Founder: Steven Wheen 

Managing Director: Mila Sedivy

Creative Director: Guilet James Libby

Artist advisor: Andy Yang

AI Artist: Radarboy 3000

Senior Producer: Dora Claire David Tipping 

Senior Art Director: Jenn Perng Chong 

Account Manager: Arifah Begum

Production Company: electriclime°

Director: Patrick Fileti

Director of Photography: Jani Hakli

Executive Producer: Michael Ahmadzadeh

Documentary Director: Daniel Marjan

Producer: Cole Tranter

Producer: Layal Mooti

Creative Director: Pabz Alexander

Line Production Company: Benetone Films – Thailand

Post Producers: Tan Li Jing, Josiah Singh

Offline Editor: Daniel Marjan

Online Editor: Zn Zhuning

Colourist: Yanni Kronenberg


Sound Design: MassiveMusic Sydney

Music Composition: Daniel McCormick


Special mention: 

Simon Hearn & Esther Yue 


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