Brand Factory Launches Fun Campaign Spot Highlighting Sibling Bonds

Indian fashion chain, Brand Factory has released a campaign spot for Raksha Bandhan, a festival centered around the tying of a thread, bracelet or talisman on the wrist as a form of bond and ritual protection, seeks to highlight the unique bond between siblings.

Publicis Ambience created a quirky one-minute video to highlight that “no matter how crazy, how many demands; a brother can fulfill his sister’s wishes.”

“The film opens on a spunky old woman, who shows off her new clothes for her even older brother,” said Bobby Pawar, MD & Chief Creative Officer, South Asia, Publicis India. “Execution aside, what really works for this idea is a simple human truth that when you get an amazing deal, you are motivated to be even more generous.”


“While the world focuses on highlighting just the sibling bond, Brand Factory took a different route to showcase not just the bond but how a brother plays a larger role in a sister’s life,” said a release. “The brand believes that there are unimaginable ways a brother supports a sister no matter how challenging and sometimes unachievable her dreams may seem.

“Our idea was to pay tribute to this great festival of Raksha Bandhan by highlighting the bigger role of brothers,” said Ashish Rana, Business Head, IdeateLabs. And digital exploded the #BrotherLikeNoOther campaign by weaving a story around brothers who pushed their sisters to achieve their dreams.”\


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