Brand Element Design: Monster Milkshakes by Epiphany Media, Thailand

British designer Paul Kirk, Creative Director at Epiphany Media Agency has created a fun illustrated packaging for a line of milkshakes for the “Monster Milkshakes” brand.

According to the release:

Inspired by the brand’s very descriptive name, we decided to create monster characters for each flavor—the 5 flavors are represented by 5 monsters while the logo incorporates the brands mascot.


In addition to the fun monster design on the front of the packaging, we have also gotten creative with the nutritional information on the back while a series of eye-catching pictographs offers consumers all the necessary information about the product.


The Challenge:


Our client wanted to create a milkshake range that would be appealing to kids.

The idea/Solution:

The original name and concept were totally different, we drafted what they wanted, but also offered them a totally new concept and direction “Monster Milkshakes” – They loved it, and went with our direction.

5 Flavors were in the Range: Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana, Vanilla, Raspberry

We created 5 monsters for each flavor. the whole package as a single monster “face” Using the Logo as the Monsters eye.

We wanted to make something that would jump off the shelves visually, and be fun and be appealing to kids.

What’s Unique?

Monster Milkshakes stands our in the crowd. Bright, Fun and appealing to kids of all ages.


Creative Agency: Epiphany Media
Creative Director: Paul Kirk
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Monster Milkshakes
Location: Bangkok, Thailand (Agency) London, England (Client)
Packaging Contents: Milkshakes
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Offset

Diana Gadong

Diana Gadong

Diana is a staff writer based out of Manila.

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