Bounties Network Releases Video Documentary Trailer ‘Bounties for Basura’

Bounties Network, a ConsenSys platform that crowdsources and runs freelance bounty tasks on blockchain, has released a video trailer titled “Bounties for Basura” or “Bounties for Trash” in Filipino Tagalog.

The video is a teaser to a documentary that captures a pilot project testing how bounty incentives could catalyze and self-organize grassroot communities for environmental impact.

The bounty was designed to be as simple as possible: participants would pick up trash, submit photo proof, and in return receive a bounty reward paid in cryptocurrency.


Held over the first weekend of December (1-2 Dec), Bounties Network, ConsenSys, and mobile wallet and digital exchange came together and held a bounty to cleanup the Manila Bay, specifically the Las Pinas-Paranaque Critical Habitat & EcoTourism Area, where accumulated trash has had a negative impact on local communities, fishermen livelihood, and the bio-ecosystem.

Over 200 people participated and cleaned up over 3 ton of trash such as discarded plastic, styrofoam, glass bottles, and other waste.

The goal of the bounty cleanup in Manila was to re-think and re-engineer the flow of capital (i.e. money) and its distribution patterns, in order to bridge the gap between social entrepreneurs, NGOs/charitable organizations, and the general public and local communities.


“Fostering widespread and long-term behavioral shifts through incentives on a global scale will directly benefit communities, like Manila, that are intensely and increasingly affected by plastic waste,” said Co-founder of Bounties Network Simona Pop. “This new mechanism could also help create new means of income as some traditional jobs are disappearing and beneficial alternatives must be created and sustained.”

The completion of the bounty is also a demonstration of real blockchain utility in the Philippines. The Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission has been seeking public consultation as the government considers regulation on ICOs (initial coin offerings). In December the SEC Chairperson Emilio Aquino had said that the technology has its benefits, when asked about the SEC decision to regulate rather than completely ban ICOs.

Aiai Garcia, ConsenSys Solutions Philippines Lead, added, “The completion of the Bounties for Basura Pilot in Manila together with was a milestone event for us and on why we need to continue finding ways to increase blockchain adoption in the Philippines.”

“By getting to test early stage blockchain products on a use case focused on community outreach especially in a country that could benefit the most from new technological solutions, it allowed us to garner valuable new insights on what needs to be done towards achieving this reality. As enterprise blockchain solutions continue to gain momentum globally, this demonstration of how blockchain can be deployed in the background for public use helps inform how we develop scalable products with positive social impact as a guide.”

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