Boat Keys Do Not Make for a Good Fishing Lure in New Specsavers Ad

“Have you seen the boat keys?”

So you’re out on a lovely day of fishing. Father and son, the great outdoors, no one else around for miles. “I could stay out here forever,” says dad.

Life is good.

Until the son realizes that dad, without wearing his glasses, has mistakenly used the keys to the boat as a fishing lure rather than the actual fishing lure.


Should’ve gone to Specsavers.


Jane Hoban, Trading Director ANZ
Shaun Briggs, Director of Marketing Planning ANZ
Goran Majstorovic, Head of Brand Creative ANZ
Anri McHugh, Head of Brand Planning & PR ANZ
Joanne Dixon, Senior Marketing Manager, Brand Creative ANZ
Zorana Dodos, Marketing Manager, Brand Creative ANZ

Creative Agency: The Agency, Specsavers


Production Company: Scoundrel
Director: Tim Bullock
Executive Producers: Adrian Shapiro & Kate Gooden
Producer: Tony Whyman
DOP: Jeremy Rouse
Edit: Adam Wills
VFX/Post Production: Fin Design & Effects
Sound: Rumble
Music: MADBS Composing Palace

Media Agency: Initiative


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