BMW Promotes the ‘Joy’ of Driving to Koreans

BMW Korea and Innored Seoul have put together a new short film highlighting the joy of driving by putting a couple of young boys behind the wheel and turning them loose on the track

While a nice piece of ad work, the more interesting aspect is the shift in the brand perception strategy for BMW in the Korean market. Traditionally, consumer buy German automobiles for the prestige and for the quality of their manufacturing.

What we see in this spot is a brand strategy imbued not with a utilitarian draw to the quality of the car, but rather to the simple joy of driving it.


Check it out (Subtitles available)

According to a release from Innored: “Initially, BMW was only perceived by the Korean consumers as an imported car brand with extraordinary performance. The level of awareness of the brand promise of “JOY” was not high. Thus, we set the goal to communicate the clear and definite true nature of BMW to the consumers and deliver the brand message of JOY.

The clip, which is directed by YK Kim at Seoul-based Space Monster Contents, was released July 21st on YouTube, Facebook and other social media –quickly going viral, surpassing 3.2 million views within the first week, as well logging over 4,300 shares.


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