BMW Launches a Spectacular Automotive History Lesson

    The 3-minute collage covers thousands of years and even more miles.

    By Asia Ad Junkie - Jan 26, 2021
    BMW Launches a Spectacular Automotive History Lesson

    BMW has launched a three-minute collage to highlight the history of the automobile and establish the brand’s new Bilibili channel in China. The short was created by Final Frontier in collaboration with director Ariel Costa (better known as BlinkMyBrain) and the agency, Fractalist.

    The animated collage takes us on a wild ride through the past to modern-day Germany and China. We jump from wild horses galloping across sunswept landscapes, to the creation of the wheel, the advent of the internal combustion engine, to Nikolaus Otto and his son Gustav.

    Costa’s creations are a thing of beauty, seamlessly blending into one another. There’s not a second, perhaps even a frame wasted. It’s the rare ad that makes you want more. It’s also one that makes you appreciate the time, effort, and creativity that have gone into it.

    “I wanted to make sure that we could represent BMW’S past, present, and future living in the same timeline – all infused with beautiful Chinese culture,” said Costa.

    “I planned the whole piece as if it were a book full of contrasts, combining vintage and modern elements. We ended up creating over 80 unique mixed media shots with diverse styles but the same storyline,” Costa added.


    Client: BMW China

    Agency: Fractalist China

    Production: Final Frontier
    Director: Ariel Costa
    Executive Producers: Chris Colman, Gustavo Karam, Julieta Zajaczkowski
    Project Managers: Angeles Blasco, Yanyie Tran
    Production Assistant: Yeeman Lin
    Designer: Galuh Wiyarti, Juan Pablo Dellacha, Leandro Chaman, Francisco Baudizzone and Malena de Luca.
    Animator: Lio Skliar, Federico Maks, Nicolás Agarzúa, Matias Lavarello and Lucas Barrios.

    Music: Cachorro Loco
    Composer: Facundo Capece
    Sound Design: Lola Richter


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