Blackpink Says Yes to Pepsi Black in New Campaign

    The campaign has kicked off on social media.

    By Asia Ad Junkie - Jan 8, 2021
    Blackpink Says Yes to Pepsi Black in New Campaign

    Pepsi’s megastar APAC brand ambassadors, Blackpink star in a new spot for the soda giant. The 1-minute ad featuring all four of the bandmates is part of the ‘Go All in For What You Love’ campaign.

    The ad highlights Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé in different situations refusing to give up as they “dare to say no.” From a photoshoot to rehearsal, the idea is that the group works tirelessly without backing down from a challenge and should be looked up to.

    “Blackpink’s touching story of grit, tenacity, and resilience over the years to realize their dream ultimately put them on the road to stardom, and that is exactly the admirable traits that can resonate with the younger generation and inspire them to emulate their idols,” said Salman Butt, Senior Marketing Director for PepsiCo APAC.

    “This latest campaign will be all about encouraging the younger generation to pursue their dreams and set them on the right path towards finding their inner strength and boldness they never knew they had,” he said in a press release.

    “Pepsi x Blackpink will be launching limited edition Pepsi products in all participating 7-11 outlets in Malaysia and Singapore, where the four Blackpink personalities will be significantly featured on the collaboration products, with a distinct visual language expressing a daring and bold attitude,” said Jennifer Lee, PepsiCo’s beverage marketing lead.

    “On top of that, we will also be launching a 360-degree marketing campaign to raise brand awareness through various media platforms.”


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