BiO-LiFE Launches Probiotics Campaign via Kingdom Digital

BiO-LiFE, an advocate for health and wellness, has launched a new campaign featuring their Probiotic products. Designed to inspire and transform, this campaign not only showcases the power of probiotics but also encapsulates BiO-LiFE’s unwavering commitment to personal well-being.

According to the campaign, created by Kingdom Digital, it takes inspiration from the TV sitcom intros of the past, a time when storytelling had the magic to captivate hearts.

“Just as these intros introduced characters with unique abilities, BiO-LiFE’s range of Probiotics are the unsung heroes solving the everyday challenges of modern living. Their superpowers? A balanced gut, a fortified immune system, and better oral health,” the campaign said in a release.


But what sets this campaign apart is the enchanting jingle that accompanies it. Crafted with precision, this musical composition is sure to leave an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of the audience, making it an unforgettable viewing experience. In BiO-LiFE’s words, “Be the PRO in Probiotics.”

Elaine Ewe, the Strategy Lead at Kingdom Digital, said, “It is important for us to shift the narrative to be more consumer-centric. What can they get out of this?

We decided to do this by using something consumers are familiar with to address the brand’s main issue, which is: most Malaysians are not familiar with other benefits of probiotics beside immunity and gut health – to share with them our expertise and turn them into the PROs because after all, they are the ones who knows themselves best.”


Head of Marketing of BiO-LiFE, Chee Swee Rin, said, “We believe that true wellness begins from within, and our Probiotics are the answer to that. This advertisement not only reflects our dedication to health but also a step towards creating a lasting brand in the hearts of our consumers.”



Head of Marketing: Chee Swee Rin

Marketing Manager: Zoe Tan

Brand Manager: Serena Yap


Kingdom Digital:

Strat Planning: Elaine Ewe

Creative: Anson Chiam, Nicholas Khaw

Content: Sim Pei Xuan, Embren Batrisyia

Servicing: Lim Tan Ting, Shirven Teaw, Deric Loke


Lee The Film:

Executive Producer: Justin Lee Ming Kun

Director: Justin Lee Ming Kun

Producer: Isaac Lim Tyen Lerk

DOP: Francis Woon Guo Sheng

1st ac: Jorden Teo Jia Jun

2nd ac: Sarhvin

PA: Jenis , Chong

AD: Jihia Koh

Online Editor: Isaac Lim Tyen Lerk

Offline Editor: Francis Woon Guo Sheng

Colorist: Jorden Teo Jia Jun


Light Crew

Gaffer: Wei Lun

Grip: Fernando, John


Art Team

Art director: Esther Soon

Art assist: Connie Chai, Chris Yew


Make Up Artist: Berry


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