Burger King’s Cloning of Big Mac into ‘Big King’ a Success in Japan

If you haven’t heard, Burger King has been mimicking the Big Mac in Japan –literally making the same burger with all the basic ingredients while substituting its flame broiled patties rather than the fried version used at McDonalds.

The campaign, which launched last year, was conceived by Dentsu Y&R Tokyo, and is designed to lure Japanese McDonald’s fans to Burger King by way of their new menu item: the “Big King”.

The Big King is a two-patty burger with lettuce, cheese, special sauce, and a third slice of bread in the middle –sound like a Big Mac?


As part of the promo Burger King has openly admitted it’s just like a Big Mac on their website which features a side-by-side comparison of the Big King with the Big Mac –which it coyly refers to as, “The ‘Big’ hamburger everyone knows about from that other chain.”

Burger King also calls the two, “almost identical.”

Big King Burger King

In order to make the “Big King” resonate with the target market in Japan, the campaign entices consumers to come to Burger King with any items which are “Big” in size or have the word “Big” in their names. When they do so they get the Big King at a discounted price.


Yes, that includes bringing in an actual Big Mac.

According to the following case study released last week, the campaign has been a whopper of a success.


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