Big Data Takes Travelers on the Slow and Scenic Route in Jeju

The Jeju Tourism Organization and Cheil Worldwide have rolled out a new app aimed at taking road trippers on the most beautiful route to their destination. ‘Slow Road’, the big data-backed project, launched last month in Jeju, South Korea, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

While the pandemic has crippled international travel, domestic tourism in Jeju kept kicking right along. However, most of the island is traversed by car and modern mapping software practically ensures travelers will miss the most scenic bits. While the fastest route may be convenient, it’s not exactly what road trippers are looking for.

Big data and developers stepped in to change all that. Using 65,000 different points of interest across the island, cross-referenced with data from social media and online searches via demographics, weather, time, the navigation app aims to provide a different travel experience.


Slow Road recommends a total of 50 different routes that connect popular attractions with lesser-known scenic spots in seven different regions, each coming with a distinctive theme that captures the multifaceted beauty of Jeju.

“We developed Slow Road campaign to raise awareness about the diverse beauty of Jeju Island, and to help safe travels by guiding travelers to different parts of the island while dispersing tourist population that were usually concentrated in only a few famous attractions,” said Eun-Sook Koh, President & CEO, Jeju Tourism Organization.

“Since a large portion of the local economy relies on tourism, we hope this campaign will also help balance development between regions by broadening tourist attractions.”


The campaign runs from March 29th across Jeju Tourism Organization’s official tourist information mobile website and social channels, T Map application, and OOH sites in Jeju City and Gimpo International Airport.

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