Big Bang’s T.O.P Transported to Frozen Beer Factory for Cass

Commercials don’t need to have some deeper meaning. Beer commercials even less so. With that in mind, we have Cass, a South Korean lager, tapping uber-huge Kpop star, T.O.P from the uber-huge, and actually quite talented group, Big Bang.

In the 30 second spot, T.O.P is at a bar, he’s handed a glass of Cass, he drinks it and is transported magically to some bizarre frozen factory where Cass is made.

It makes absolutely no sense, but Koreans love their celebrities in their commercials –the highest appearance rate in the world, actually– tied with the Japanese. So, mission accomplished.


And damn, he’s crazy handsome.

Here is another Cass spot with T.O.P playing a DJ. Again, no theme here, just…well, T.O.P. This spot is called a “Can-cert”. While seemingly clever, that’s walking a bit too close to the word “cancer.” Copy editors wanted.



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