The 10 Most Popular Super Bowl Commercials 2016

Doritos Super Bowl Ad - Branding in Asia Magazine

Ad-tracking firm Unruly has gathered up the numbers and released results for the 10 most shared Super Bowl commercials –which is based on the number of YouTube and Facebook shares by ad fans.

Doritos’ Crash The Super Bowl contest winner “Ultrasound”, which was produced by Peter Carstairs, a Melbourne film and commercial director has taken the crown for the most shared according to Unruly.

Appearing twice in the list for both the 30 and 60-second versions of their spots is T-Mobile and Heinz.


10. Heinz — “Weiner Stampede” (30-second Version)
Agency: DAVID Miami

9. T-Mobile — “Drop the Balls”
Agency: Publicis Seattle

8. T-Mobile — “Restricted Bling” (30 Second version)
Agency: Publicis Seattle

7. Mountain Dew — “#PuppyMonkeyBaby”
Agency: BBDO


6. Hyundai — “First Date”
Agency: Innocean Worldwide

5. Heinz — “Weiner Stampede” (Extended version)
Agency: DAVID Miami

4. Pokémon — “#Pokemon20”
Agency: Omelet

3. Budweiser — “#GiveADamn”
Agency: Anomaly

2. T-Mobile — “Restricted Bling” (Extended version)
Agency: Publicis Seattle

1. Doritos — “Ultrasound”
Agency: Peter Carstairs


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