Belvedere Launches Global Campaign With Future and Director Taika Waititi

The campaign is styled by Vogue Australia Editor-in-Chief, Christine Centenera.

Taika Waititi & Future (Image: Atiba Jefferson)

Belvedere 10 has launched a new campaign with an ensemble that includes two white 70’s Rolls Royce’s, crocodile boots, a dilapidated hacienda turned night club, a New Zealand cowboy, a banging soundtrack, and Future.

The campaign features a three-minute director’s cut film that opens on Future cruising in style along a dusty road at sunset in search of the new and elusive Belvedere 10.

There later comes a face-off between Future and Taika Waititi, who directed the campaign and is featured in it, executing an intricate and coded handshake.


The campaign is styled by Vogue Australia Editor-in-Chief, Christine Centenera with photography by Atiba Jefferson – one of the world’s premiere skateboard and culture photographers. Grammy award-winning Producer ATL Jacob, known for his frequent collaborations with Future, curated the original soundtrack.

Talking about the making of the campaign, Future said, “I loved that there was a readiness to craft something unedited, genuine, and resolute. I appreciated the concept that you cannot feign it; you must genuinely embody it. This campaign delivers its message unapologetically.

It balances simplicity with architectural extravagance, much like Belvedere 10.” Taika Waititi, who not only directs the campaign but shares the limelight alongside Future, said, “There is a fine line that allows humor and rebelliousness to exist within luxury. This campaign embodies a rare moment where this intersection meets. There is no doubt Belvedere is one of the coolest alcohol brands in the world.”


Future (Image: Atiba Jefferson)

Future (Image: Atiba Jefferson)


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