Bed-Verts – 10:PM Turns Dirty Old Abandoned Mattresses Into Advertisements

That certainly got your attention as you were out for a nice walk, didn ‘t it?






According to a new campaign from mattress startup, 10:PM, more than 1.8 million skin-cell-infested, bacteria-laden, and at times disgustingly stained mattresses are illegally dumped across Australia every year.


With that as the creative canvas, Howatson+Company, along with Scoundrel, and director James Dive turned several of them into guerrilla billboards.


“As a startup, we don’t have the media budget to reach millions of people like our competitors, so we used dumped mattresses to our advantage to create buzz and engagement, as well as reach people,” said Harrison Reid, founder of 10:PM.



Client: 10:PM

Agency: Howatson+Company
Founder/CEO: Chris Howatson
MD: Renee Hyde
Executive Creative Director: Gavin Chimes
Creative Directors: Michael Kleinman and Doug Hamilton
Art Director: Raff Gandrabur
Copywriter: Zoe Finkelstein
Design Director: Ellena Mills
Chief Strategy Officer: Dom Hickey
Group Business Director: Katy Ward
Business Director: Sasha Thariani
Head of Production: Holly Alexander
Senior Editor: King Yong
Senior Account Director (PR): Melinda Durston
PR Executive: Millie Clout

Production Company: Scoundrel
Director: James Dive
Executive Producer: Adrian Shapiro
Producer: Charlie Taylor
DOP: Jordan Maddocks
Music & Sound: Heckler Sound
Composer: Johnny Green
Sound Designer: Dave Robertson
Executive Producer: Bonnie Law

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