Be Yourself ‘Little Garlic’ Says Apple in its Annual Chinese New Year Film

“I want to be anyone! Anyone but me!”


Apple has launched its seventh annual film celebrating Chinese New Year with a Shot on iPhone cinematic creation.

Done in collaboration with TBWA\Media Arts Lab Shanghai, the 15-minute film called “Little Garlic” was directed by Marc Webb, and  welcomes the year of the Dragon with the story of a young girl battling insecurities about her broad nose – which her grandpa lovingly calls “garlic nose.”

While grandpa says the family nose brings luck and fortune, she is not happy with it at all which eventually leads to a series of magical transformations. But we won’t give too much away.


The film, which features Fan Wei, is described by Apple as a “charming and heartwarming tale about self-discovery in our pursuit of life in the modern world.” Check it out:


There is also a behind-the-scenes spot looking at how the film was made while pitching the features of the iPhone 15.. Talking about how it performed Webb said, “We actually designed these shots to make it more interesting and see how far we can push the camera.”


Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab Shanghai
Production: Radical US, M Production Shanghai
Director: Marc Webb
Screenwriter: Pan Yiran
Art Director: Li Anran
Director of Photography: Cecile Zhang
Music: Varqa Buehrer

Apple’s previous Chinese New Year films:

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