Be Braver to Sponsor The Courageous Client Award at Caples 2023

Entries for the Caples Awards close on the 14th of April.

The Caples Awards was the first ad show to recognise the role clients play in great work. Sometimes they put their reputations on the line, sometimes their jobs, and, in the case of the 2022 winner, Nayla Tueni, Editor in Chief of Lebanon newspaper An Nahar, their lives.

We’re thrilled to announce that Be Braver is sponsoring the 2023 Courageous Client Award.

Originally a members-only community of women seeking personal development for business development through techniques of applied psychology, the Be Braver Collective has widened out into the Be Braver Institute, a bespoke mindset programme for large organisations designed to provide a framework to help their people live less fearfully and lead more courageously.


Be Braver was founded by business coach and psychology researcher Caroline Pankhurst. Former ad agency director, Caroline had to be brave to get where she got to. And even braver to start her own company.

She wants Be Braver to be the catalyst for change that so many companies need if they are to develop the talent they need for future success.

How brave are you? How much braver could you be? Test yourself in the Be-Braver bravery index HERE.


You can enter the Caples Awards here. The deadline for free entries is Free entries close on the 31st of March. All entries close on the 14th of April

Patrick Collister

Patrick Collister

Patrick Collister is Custodian, The Caples Awards

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