BBDO China Execs Star in Tencent’s Reality Show on the Advertising Industry

Beck You, Wai Foong Leong, Nicole Ma, and Harry Chen

In a new career reality show on the advertising industry in China by Tencent Video, BBDO China will be featured as the sole ad world panel of mentors. The show will premiere on August 18th.

“Sweat, drama, creativity, and a competitive thrill, yes the show has it all,” BBDO China said in a release.

According to the agency, career-related topics have recently become increasingly popular on Chinese social media platforms, with a variety of reality shows featuring the workplace being produced.


As a part of this growing trend toward workplace reality shows, Tencent decided to create a show called “Next Promotion”, peeking into the working lives of people in their 30s, covering different industries.

Featured BBDO execs

  • Beck You, CEO of BBDO Greater China
  • Wai Foong Leong, Chairman, and CCO at BBDO Greater China
  • Nicole Ma, CCO at BBDO Shanghai
  • Harry Chen, Group Planning Director at BBDO Shanghai

The latest upcoming show features 12 young, but mature and hungry ad people who are looking for career advancement opportunities in the ad industry. Only by doing a variety of work tasks at the workplace, and through using their own rules of survival they are able to receive opportunities to move up the career ladder.

“I am very happy to facilitate this cooperation with Tencent’s ‘Next Promotion’”, said Beck You, CEO of BBDO Greater China.


“I hope that through the show, everyone will be able to witness the excitement of working in the advertising industry and the type of people who work in it. It is my hope that the show will attract more young people to the industry, pique their interest, and get them to join in.”

Wai Foong Leong, Chairman and CCO of BBDO Greater China, added: “I put this experience as ‘advertising for the advertising industry. In recent years, the value of the advertising industry has always been distorted by various kinds. This not only discourages new blood from our industry but also makes some in-service peer lose their enthusiasm and leave the industry, resulting in a situation of talent crisis in the industry.  Through this reality show, I hope more people can understand the charm of this industry, so as to attract new blood to join, and encourage the persistence of peers to build a better advertising industry.”

BBDO Greater China sent four management members along as mentors to assist 12 candidates in their growth and transformation throughout the show.

“A lot of people thought it was risky for us to take part in this reality show about the advertising industry, since good advertising is very subjective, has no standards, and is bound to be judged,” said said Nicole Ma, CCO at BBDO Shanghai..

“But though, good advertising is subjective, good admen have standards. Going into the show, we were all hoping to attract some awesome advertising peers to join BBDO, and we definitely came across some really talented people. Now that the show is airing, we hope that people throughout China will take note of the advertising industry and that those, particularly with a creative mind, will see it as a career path where they can do what they enjoy and are good at, be creative.”

Harry Chen, Group Planning Director at BBDO Shanghai, added: “One of the reasons for me to join advertising is that it’s fun. Sure, some days are hard, but I love that no two days are the same. There are big opportunities for people that are both creative and analytical, which is rare. It challenges me to think outside the box, to think of new ideas that aren’t on the market, and I hope the show captures this exciting, diverse, and fun industry as I experience it.”

How will things go for the 12 candidates as they rise through the ranks? Only time will tell.

To view the show (available only in Chinese) go here. The first episode will premiere at 8pm (China time) on the 18th of August.

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