BBDO Bangkok Creates ‘Hearing Rescue’ Device to Alert Hearing Impaired of Dangers While Sleeping

BBDO Bangkok has taken a unique approach to helping the hearing impaired by creating the world’s first hearing aid that not only amplifies sound but can also detect the sounds of danger by turning the hearing device into a vibrating wristband. 

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In a partnership with the Thai Health Promotion Foundation and Deaf Association of Bangkok, BBDO Bangkok conducted a survey amongst the hearing impaired in Thailand and found that 100% take out their hearing aid at night due to discomfort, the agency said.


Recognizing the dangers hearing impaired people face in the evening, BBDO Bangkok created ‘Hearing Rescue’ – the world’s first hearing aid that alerts people to danger while they sleep.

“The device was developed from a normal hearing aid, adding a connecting piece that turns the hearing aid into a wristband. Built-in sound recognition will detect ‘danger’ sounds such as a siren, a barking dog or a fire alarm, and a minimum of 60 decibels will activate the vibrating function and alert the wearer,” BBDO Bangkok said in a release.

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