Bausch + Lomb Launches Funny ‘Be a Superstar’ Campaign Via Kinnect

“This time, our narrative takes you to the colourful and larger-than-life world of South Indian cinema.”


Bausch and Lomb India



Kinnect, a part of the FCB Group India, has launched a digital campaign, ‘BeASuperstar,’ ahead of the festive season in southern India.

The campaign aims to shine a light on the advantages of switching to contact lenses with “a storyline that could resonate with our audience in the Southern region as well as the whole nation,” said Kinnect, which added that “people across the country are fans of the grandeur of the big screen, but in the Southern region of India, fandom ascends to the levels of reverence. Fans look up to their favourite Superstars, and many aspire to be like them.

The story’s premise is set in a larger-than-life world of iconic actors, featuring a regular Joe, bespectacled, unassuming, easily-lost-in-a-crowd man, daydreaming about becoming like his favorite Superstar.


However, in the action scene when he is under attack, not having his glasses proves to be quite the amusing challenge.

“This time, our narrative takes you to the colourful and larger-than-life world of South Indian cinema and is a celebration of the love and admiration that the people of South India have for their Superstars,” said Sana Lairellakpam, Head of Marketing at Bausch + Lomb.


Gitanjali Bhattacharya, Creative Director, Kinnect, added: “Bausch & Lomb has always given us the freedom to think of ideas that are a bit unexpected for a healthcare brand, which makes it a creatively enriching brand to work on. So, this time, as the focus was more on the South market, our task was to find the perfect setting for the story that’s contextual and remains relatable throughout the year. Hence, the world of Southern cinema and the reverence their audience has for their Superstars defined the story’s outline.

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