Bastion Asia Partners with Luxury Brand Specialist Adventi in China

Communications agency Bastion Asia has announced a strategic partnership with Shanghai PR agency, Adventi, to drive greater digital and marketing innovation for Australian brands seeking to engage with Chinese audiences.

Adventi, a marketing and communications agency specializing in luxury brands, is known for bringing some of Europe’s biggest luxury brands to China, including Patek Philippe, Chanel and Gucci.

Bastion Asia CEO Richard Chapman said the strategic alignment was designed to support Australian brands targeting Chinese consumers, both locally and abroad.


“Adventi is at the cutting edge of marketing innovation in China and has forged a path into the country for some of the world’s biggest brands,” said Chapman.

“Australian brands can take a lot of inspiration from the latest trends in Chinese marketing, and we look forward to connecting our clients to that.”

Adventi Founder and Director Hong Zheng added: “China is an intimidating new market for many global brands, but our experience bringing many of Europe’s biggest luxury brands here demonstrates there is a path forward.


The Adventi partnership builds on Bastion Asia’s global network, which also includes long-held partnerships with local agencies in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and The Philippines. Bastion also has operations in the US and New Zealand.

“We are on a path to be able to offer our clients an APAC-wide and global approach to communications that cherry picks the best independent agencies in each market. This approach makes us nimble and competitive against larger global holding groups and has been well received by many clients,” Chapman added.