Barista Bros: So Good, Catfish Will Buy it at the Store

    Catfish apparently like iced coffee.

    By Asia Ad Junkie - Apr 26, 2021
    Barista Bros: So Good, Catfish Will Buy it at the Store

    Coca-Cola South Pacific and Barista Bros have teamed up with BMF to launch a campaign promoting a new line of sugar-free iced coffee and chocolate milk.

    In a quite funny 30-second spot we witness a group of catfish in a trenchcoat posing as a human at the checkout counter of a convenience store. Confidently one of the fish throws some change down for a Barista Bros, after which the astute cashier states “You’re a catfish right?”

    Thankfully another customer is there to clarify things. Not only is this squirming trenchcoat actually multiple catfish, but they’ve been to this store before. Furthermore, apparently, they have way more taste buds than humans and thus are in dire need (really they’re not in the water, they should be dead) of Barista Bros.

    “Barista Bros really is a flavoured milk range like no other. To launch their delicious new epic taste, the team asked for an ad like no other. Catfish have so many more tastebuds than humans, so the quirky concept of them pretending to be human and trying to buy some really fit the bill,” Roy Leibowitz, BMF Associate Creative Director.

    As part of a multi-million-dollar media investment, the campaign spans TV, cinema, online video, social media, out of home, in-store and experiential.

    “We know Australians have a love affair with coffee and are becoming more health conscious. We wanted to have fun with this Barista Bros campaign to highlight the brand-new epic taste as just one example of how we’re delivering products that our customers know and love, without the added sugar,” Kate Miller, Coca-Cola Marketing Director – South Pacific.


    Creative Agency: BMF
    Chief Creative Officer: Alex Derwin
    Associate Creative Director: Roy Leibowitz
    Senior Art Director: Chris Wilson
    Chief Strategy Officer: Christina Aventi
    Senior Strategic Planner: Kellie Box
    Chief Executive Officer: Stephen McArdle
    General Manager: Paul Coles
    Deputy Head of Account Management: Aisling Colley
    Senior Account Manager: Stephen Mesa, Adam Reeves
    Head of TV: Jenny Lee-Archer
    Agency Producer: Emma Friend
    Director: Jeff Low
    Production Company: Rabbit
    Executive Producer: Alex Hay & Lucas Jenner
    Producer: Marcus Butler
    Post Production: White Chocolate
    Editor: Adam Wills
    Sound Production: Rumble
    Music: NA
    DoP: Simon Duggan
    Connections Agency – UM

    Social Media: Coca-Cola Social Centre powered by One Green Bean

    Shopper Agency – Geometry

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