Bank Australia Launches Inspirational Docuseries ‘How to Change The World in 60 Seconds’

“Big change is really just a collection of many small actions.”


Bank Australia



Bank Australia has launched ‘How to Change the World in 60 Seconds’, as part of an ongoing documentary series created with independent creative agency Good&Proper. The series tells inspirational one-minute stories of Bank Australia customers creating a positive impact on people and the planet.

The series currently features the stories of five Bank Australia customers: Marlena, a music journalist, world traveler, skydiver, and author; Jayneen, a children’s book author and pioneer in consent and body safety education; Girius, an industrial designer who creates specialized tools to help injured and forgotten animals; Mike,  who turns unwanted pianos into new things; and Kirby, a skateboarder with a social mission.

According to Bank Australia, “Whether it’s building inclusivity and equality, standing up for animals, or tackling the climate crisis, big change is really just a collection of many small actions. Ordinary people, doing what they can to make the world around them a better place, every day of their lives.”


New episodes will drop throughout 2023.


Bank Australia is also accepting submissions for people who are changing the world. you can learn more about that here.


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