Band-Aid Korea Recreates Robert Kelly BBC Interview for Parody Ad – Korean People ‘Need Healing’

Band-Aid in Korea has been quick to climb aboard for a ride on the Robert Kelly and family viral train by releasing an ad parodying the world’s most famous foursome freshly off their 15-minutes of fame.

The 47-second spot plays up on a theme of Korea’s pain and injury with the Kelly character commenting in a faux interview:

“I think the Korean people are very much in pain… very injured, both physical and emotional. And they need something to make them feel better…they need healing! They need first aid.”


He is, of course, interrupted by the kids and well, you know how it goes. Band-Aid does give it a little something extra. Check it out –it’s fun.

While the spot hasn’t really taken off on YouTube yet, since it was released on Band-Aid’s Facebook page at 4pm Monday afternoon it has racked up over 53,000 views.

Will this be the last brand we see riding the Kelly wave? Likely not. Dig in.

Bobby McGill

Bobby McGill

Bobby is the founder and publisher of Branding in Asia.

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