Babies Show Their True Love for Moms in Pampers Campaign via Grey Hong Kong

“Individual growth is a thing of joy. Collective growth is the culmination of joyful advancement.”

Baby care product brand, Pampers, believes babies grow up better and are more receptive and expressive of love when raised in a safe environment. With that inspirational theme, the brand is committed to inspiring expressions of love from babies with meticulous protection throughout their journey of growth, says the brand.

For Mother’s Day, Pampers partnered with Grey Hong Kong to launch a special campaign under “The Diaper Rhyme.” The famous nursery rhyme “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” was reworked and sung through a child’s voice to express a baby’s love for its mother.


Through the stories of three mothers and their babies, the films were created to portray genuine and warm moments in a baby’s life – from their precious smiles upon seeing their mothers, to their instinctive attachment to a mother’s touch, to how their lives centre around their mothers. “The Diaper Rhyme” weaves the endless love babies have for their mothers into the song’s very core – because, to a baby, mommy is the best.

This Mother’s Day campaign witnesses the continuous growth of creativity – every step of growth is a note in a melody that touches the heart, said Grey Hong Kong.

Creative Partner at Grey Hong Kong Joe Yue added, “Individual growth is a thing of joy. Collective growth is the culmination of joyful advancement. May all mothers, babies, Pampers and Grey support each other in growing and thriving healthily in every way possible.”

The online film was launched on digital platforms, Weibo and WeChat, in China.



Agency: GREY Hong Kong
Duffy Lau, General Manager
Joe Yue, Creative Partner
Owen Smith, Chief Strategy Officer
Ted Tam, Account Director
Hawaii Xia, Associate Creative Director
Yolanda Luo, Senior Strategic Planner
John Lo, Head of Content Production

Client: Procter & Gamble China
Winnie Yang, President
Elvis Yao, Brand General Manager
Clarie Liu, Brand Director
Moley Li, Brand Manager

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