Australian Effie Awards Announces 2021 Winners

The 2021 Australian Effie Awards has named The Monkeys Effective Agency of the Year, following their winning The Grand Effie, four Golds, two Silvers, and one Bronze across three clients, Beam Suntory, Meat & Livestock Australia, and NRMA Insurance.

According to the judging panel, The Grand Effie, which was awarded to The Monkey’s entry ‘How reinventing ‘HELP’ added record value to the NRMA Insurance brand’, was an excellent entry from start to finish from both content and story articulation perspectives.

A Gold Effie was also awarded to CHE Proximity for its ‘Where babies come from’ entry for Genea.


The virtual Effie Awards show was held on Wednesday afternoon, delivering a further 17 Silver, 24 Bronze awards and one Highly Commended award, bringing the total number of agencies awarded for outstanding, measurable results to 20 agencies and the number of clients to 24.

Commenting on the Effective Advertiser Award, which was presented to NRMA Insurance, the judges said the company’s submission was outstanding.

“The results of NRMA’s campaigns have been applauded elsewhere, but they do not come from a leap in the dark,” the judges said.


“Behind the ‘HELP’ campaign is a four-year journey towards marketing excellence. Adoption of the theories of Binet & Field (Long and Short) and Byron Sharp (Mental Availability) and hard-wiring the best creative and effectiveness brains into the team has enabled Brent Smart, Chief Marketing Officer, to prove the power of advertising to the whole IAG organisation from the CEO down.

“Once again we have seen how the power of great creative ideas can translate into outstanding commercial success stories,” said CEO of Advertising Council Australia, Tony Hale.

“Australia’s advertising agencies and marketers have continued to overcome the challenges thrown their way over the last year, and with zeal, adhering to highly held standards of advertising and marketing effectiveness and making sure every advertising dollar contributes to driving the bottom line,” he added.

“With that in mind, we applaud all of this year’s winners and finalists who deserve the industry’s congratulations.”

The full list of Gold Effie winners by category is as follows:

Insight & Strategic Thinking

CHE Proximity – Genea – Where babies come from

Outsmarting COVID

The Monkeys, UM & OGB – Meat & Livestock Australia – How Lamb reunited Australia after our most divided year ever

Brand Value

The Monkeys – NRMA Insurance – How reinventing ‘HELP’ added record value to the NRMA Insurance brand

Long Term Effects

The Monkeys – Beam Suntory – How long term brand building led to the three most successful years in Canadian Club history

The Monkeys – NRMA – How commitment to brand building drove one of the markets greatest comebacks

The Advertising Council Australia would like to thank all of its sponsors and supporters for their generous support, including Marquee Sponsor Think TV, Ad Standards, Google, UnLtd and Youtube.

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