Audi’s New Instagram Filter Lets You Take the Q2 for a Virtual Spin

    Audi India and BBH launch AR filter for the luxury all-rounder

    By Asia Ad Junkie - Dec 2, 2020
    Audi’s New Instagram Filter Lets You Take the Q2 for a Virtual Spin

    Audi, the German car manufacturer, launched an interactive Instagram filter for fans to experience its latest luxury all-rounder– the Audi Q2 which debuted in India in October 2020.

    With 190hp, 2.0 LTFSI engine, progressive steering, and quattro, the Audi Q2 aims to combine functionality with luxury appeal.

    Inspired by these features, the idea was to bring out the ease of the actual experience of driving the Audi Q2. Conceptualized by BBH India and executed by tech firm Alive now, the AR filter offers an immersive gamified experience of driving this machine to tech-savvy target audiences.

    The filter can be accessed by tapping on the story section of Instagram and searching for the Audi Q2 City Run filter. Once it loads, it allows the user to select between three cities – Mumbai, Delhi & Bengaluru. Each city is brought alive with illustrations of key landmarks and obstacles; the aim is for a personal & localized experienced.

    Users tap to start and the car moves forward along the road. The player has to dodge obstacles by simply tilting their head left or right. As the game progresses, the car moves a bit faster and it all becomes a bit more challenging. The distance the user has driven while successfully dodging different obstacles on their path is calculated. The score can be shared and users can then challenge their friends by posting the video on Instagram stories or as a post.

    “Curating engaging content for our social audiences is the key element of communication design for us at Audi India,” said Gaurav Sinha, Head of Marketing & PR, Audi India. “And games are a great new trending way for audiences to interact with their favorite brands online. The unique and interactive AR filter game developed for the Audi Q2 allows users to select a city and virtually drive through it. We received tremendous positive feedback from our audiences and network on this activity.

    We keep exploring opportunities to engage and intrigue our online audiences by creating dynamic virtual experiences across our platforms.”

    “We’re always looking for new ways to bring ideas to life,” added Russell Barrett, CEO & CCO, BBH-PWW India. “Gaming has been at the forefront of digital engagement and we felt it was the perfect way to highlight the Audi Q2 for what it is – The perfect luxury car that can do it all. And putting the users in their very own cities just makes it all the more relatable.”


    Agency: BBH India
    Chief Creative Officer & CEO, BBH-PWW India: Russell Barrett
    Chief Executive Officer, BBH-PWW India: Subhash Kamath
    Managing Director, BBH India: Arvind Krishnan
    Creative Director: Deep Chhabria
    Creative Partner – Copy: Heemuhn Major
    Art Lead – Shelton Dsouza
    Creative Partner – Art: Radhika Subramanian
    Creative Apprentice – Siddhanth Shelar
    Head of Production: Rahul Kulkarni
    Social Media Lead: Arpita Shah
    Business Director: Chetan Mane
    Business Partner: Shaily Parmar, Nikita Wadhwa


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