Asiana to Launch ‘Air Seoul’ – Are they Sure about that Name?

Asiana Airlines, South Korea’s second largest carrier, has been granted permission by the government’s transportation ministry this week to launch the company’s second low-cost carrier as the race for providing budget airline options heats up.

Joining its current LCC, Air Busan, which operates out of Korea’s second largest city, Asiana has dubbed the new budget offering, “Air Seoul”.

And while Asiana has faced criticism from other carriers, who complain that South Korea’s current roster of five low-cost domestic and 20 low-cost international carriers is more than enough for the country, the greater criticism -or at least some good natured ribbing- might soon be forthcoming over the chosen moniker of Asiana’s new endeavor.


Go ahead. Read it out loud: “Air Seoul.”

Granted, it’s completely brand accurate in terms of where the new airline will be based, we’re just not sure that “Air Seoul” is the best way to go –considering its similarity with another popular word in the British English lexicon, oft-times used when there is a flight delay, for example.

Then again, it might be a branding coup. Who knows what millennials will go for –or hipster travelers for that matter? And, of course, there is the possibility of a promotional partnership with the popular outdoor brand Kolon Sport.


No matter, regardless of the name, the new carrier is certainly welcome news for travelers flying into or heading out of South Korea. Flights on Air Seoul are expected to start in the first half of next year.

Carry on.

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Asiana to Launch ‘Air Seoul’