Asian Paints in Nepal – Happiness is Having a Best Friend Campaign

    By Ujaya Shakya - Oct 26, 2016
    Asian Paints in Nepal – Happiness is Having a Best Friend Campaign

    Nepal’s advertising industry is still budding, but there are few brands that are taking disruptive approaches to boost the advertising scene of the country. One such brand is Asian Paints, the leading paints company in Nepal.

    This time again, they have chosen a completely different route in the category with an idea that does not preach any product or feature directly in the campaign. Instead they focus on creating a strong message to deliver a ‘promise’.

    The campaign is not about any particular paint brand but it is about an engagement platform that will ensure a complete handholding of any person planning to Paint. The handholding should start like a relationship at the pre-painting phase and flow through the actual painting process and then evolve to a maturity level at post painting phase.

    In South Asia, painting, being a low involved category is largely looked at as a hassle and a job to be done over with as quickly as possible. The idea of the campaign is to present Asian paints as a caring friend so that it could connect more with the consumers and guide them on each step of the painting process for their homes.

    The Idea:

    We decided to position the brand as the ‘best friend’. Best friend are those whom people trust and believe in unconditionally. This is a phrase we learn in from our school days and we live with it happily throughout our lives. In fact, the best friend has no frills attached; who will always be happy and content when their friend is happy. Our brand’s promise connected well to the concept since Asian Paints believes that their success as a brand will grow only with the satisfaction of their consumers.

    The next stage was to give the idea a shape. The story would narrate the protagonist’s life through three different moments with the same ‘best friend’ connecting to and rejoicing in his achievements. We had three different situations. An award ceremony in a school, an indoor football tournament and a fishing scene – the three selected moments showcase three different phases in their lives.

    The one constant that connects all three is the attitude of the best friend — throughout the series his only concern is the success of his friend. Asian Paints is your best friend in life, was our message. The film played on emotion. Background sound was crucial to creating the right ambience. Emotions affect people and this should come as no surprise. People usually rely on emotions, rather than information, while making brand choice decisions.

    You can view all of the films here.

    The Result:

    The campaign of course came as a constructive investment from the point of view of client and agency. But for the creative team, it was a success only when people started sharing the commercial with their friends and tagging their names in the post. The whole campaign reached to a new height when people started mentioning their lost friends in the Asian Paints digital forum.

    On Facebook, the commercials have already chalked up more than 3.2 lac views and more than seventy thousand likes within a short span of 4 weeks time. From the brand’s perspective, the gesture of hand holding the consumers through difficult painting decisions, has also gotten off to a very strong start with close to 100 people are responding everyday and 2000 people registering themselves with the Company. Not only that, some happy customers are writing back in Digital forum and appreciating the initiative has richly rewarded the effort put in by all.

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