Music in Asia: “What is Love” Hacken Lee Feat AGA – Hong Kong

Hacken Lee Hak-kan is a Hong Kong pop singer, actor, master of ceremonies, and association football sportscaster. Wikipedia

Cantopop singer Hacken Lee rose to popularity in the early ’90s, particularly with the hit song “Red Sun,” and then, after some years of musical disappointment, made an acclaimed comeback after the turn of the century. Born in Hong Kong on December 6, 1967, he began his recording career in 1985 in association with PolyGram Records.

An acting role in the 1988 TVB television series Teenage No More helped spark his popularity, and his musical career indeed grew more successful from this point onward, peaking in 1992 with the self-penned hit song “Red Sun.” But his success was fleeting, and by the end of the decade, PolyGram Records had cut ties with the singer.


After the turn of the century, he was able to stage a comeback in association with Universal Music, most notably co-starring in the 2002 TVB drama Legal Entanglement and singing the theme song “Loving You Unexpectedly.” He also released a couple concert hall albums that proved popular.

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