Should Art Kill? Campaign Launched in India to Raise Awareness of Paint Brushes Made from Animal Fur

Should Art Kill? While many artists might not give it a second thought the bristles of the brushes contribute to the large-scale killing of multiple species in India such as the mongoose, Indian Weasel, and squirrels.

The Wild Life Conservation trust wanted to make the target audience aware of this. The Social Street Mumbai creatives showed the entire brush made of each animal that gave its life for making it. They very clearly made the case that artistic expression is not worth killing for.

This campaign recently won a Gold Abby for Best Use Of Public Service, Appeals and Charity (Out of Home) and a Bronze Abby for Best Use Of Computer Generated Imagery (Print Craft) at Goafest 2017.


“While synthetic bristled brushes are available, artists generally prefer to use the more ‘natural feeling’, fur brushes, unaware of the illegal poaching that goes into delivering the same,” according to a release.

Chief Creative Officer: Deepak Singh.
Creative Team: Smriti Shadra, Sahil Dilip Dhas.
Production Studio: Twin Brains.


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