Artist Simon Beck and Smyle Share Sustainability Message on Giant Billboard in the Snow

“I find it comforting to think that my art is temporary.”

All images vis Fitzroy

A new campaign for Dutch oral care brand Smyle aims to be a blend of art, environmental awareness, and cartography. Together with renowned snow artist Simon Beck, the brand committed to creating the world’s largest and most sustainable artwork in the battle against microplastics and plastic packaging.

Located in the French Alps near Les Arcs, the artwork aims not only to set a world record but also to send a message about making plastic-free choices.

“These are the only footprints we want to leave. No plastic. No pollution. Crush, Brush, Smyle,” is the message incorporated into the artwork referring to plastic-free oral care in tablet form in the campaign done via creative agency Fitzroy.


Through a combination of his creativity and environmental consciousness, artist Simon Beck has brought this message to life as an artwork with 135,000 footsteps on a frozen and snowy lake in his hometown of Les Arcs, France. With an impressive area of 13,625 square metres, the artwork was created in two days using Beck’s footsteps, with a minimal ecological ‘footprint’.

According to the release, the collaboration with Simon Beck and the Dutch company Smyle extends beyond setting records; it is a call to action for both consumers and businesses to reconsider their ecological footprint.

The artwork was created in two days, and covered again on the third day by a layer of 12 centimetres.


“I find it comforting to think that my art is temporary”, said Beck in the mini-documentary on the website.

“With this artwork, we want to challenge the established order, to truly think and act differently. Our innovative products, like toothpaste in tablet form and this message in the snow, are proof of that,” said founder Almar Fernhout. His company is a pioneer in sustainable oral care, with a mission to deliver effective products that are good for both the user and the planet.


Client: Smyle: Almar Fernhout, Roger Nefkens, Dennis Kamst
Creative Agency: Fitzroy
Director of Photography & Editor: Renzo Merbis
Director: Mischa Schreuder
Audio Postproduction: SUPER-SONIC Press Agency: Mediastorm


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