Arranged Marriage in India with a Great Twist from Biba

Arranged Marriage India Change Is Beautiful - Branding in Asia Magazine
Actress, Regina Cassandra

Indian clothing brand Biba has released an interesting new advertisement that is being praised in social media for approaching the subject of arranged marriage and the traditional gender roles in a more progressive manner.

While not bucking the trend of parents matching their children together, this one takes a unique approach –you’ve simply got to love the girl’s father.

The ad campaign, starring the lovely Regina Cassandra, has been praised for its progressive take on arranged marriage in India where it is customary for couples to tie the knot after the parents have agreed to proceed with the match.


The ad, which is built around the theme that “Change is Beautiful” (#ChangeIsBeautiful ) hones in on how arranged marriages usually favor the groom’s outcome –he’s basically getting someone to cook, clean and see to his needs.

But this girl’s father is having none of that. Check it out:

As Biba writes on their YouTube page: “She didn’t want to spend the rest of her life with a stranger. She didn’t want to adhere to what was expected of her. She was pleasantly surprised by what was to follow.”


Looking forward to the follow up ad in three years when he is home with the kid and she is out conquering the world. (wink wink)

On Facebook, the video has already clocked nearly 8 million views since its upload December 29th.

As Adweek notes, some people sorely missed the point:

“I agree with this and [am] totally in favour of men cooking food,” says one Facebook commenter with less than 200 thumbs-up. “But why [do] we want to change only one side. Why [do] girl[s’] parents look for a boy who has lakhs or crores of salary package or a well settled business. Let the girls be bread winner of the family and guys are happy to cook all meals. Why put all the financial burden on a poor guy.”

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