Arnold Schwarzenegger Ad for Mobile Strike is Quite Cool

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Command Center - Branding in Asia
Arnold Schwarzenegger - Game face on

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s role in this ad for new game app “Mobile Strike” suits him well –as the actor slash governor slash bodybuilder slash (fill in the blank) has reached the age where he is convincing playing the crusty ol’ gung ho general sending boys off to battle.

Good casting by the developer of $1m-a-day mobile app Game of War for what they hope will be another mega-popular war app downloaded by a gazillion people worldwide.

As for the spot itself, it’s actually a very cool –due solely to it clever use of CGI.


Game of War

The predecessor to Mobile Strike is Game of War: Fire Age –a fantasy-strategy game for mobile, has been the world’s top-grossing global title in the $30 billion mobile gaming market.

Gabe Leydon, CEO of Machine Zone, the maker of both titles, put everything he had into Game of War, with a team of 80 people working on the app for 18 months –with features such as built in translation that allows people in different countries to join other alliances outside their native language. It was also designed to run on low end phones to increase its market reach.

You might remember these ads for Game of War featuring supermodel Kate Upton.


As we see with the Schwarzenegger spots, they spare no expense. (If only the mobile app tech could look as cool!)

Arnold Schwarzenegger in new ads for Game of War maker Mobile Strike.

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