Armor All Tackles Abandoned Cars in Malaysia in ‘Reviving Rides’ Campaign Via Havas

Armor All has partnered with Havas Malaysia to demonstrate the effectiveness of its cleaning products by highlighting that Malaysia has over 11.4 million abandoned cars, neglected on roadsides and in the parking lots of malls, offices, and apartments with most covered in dirt and grime.

Within this, the creative team recognized an opportunity to leverage abandoned cars as an unconventional outdoor advertising medium to showcase the power of Armor All’s products.

Armor All’s teams of detailers were sent to revive these abandoned cars, using just their brand’s products. The results were clean, shiny, and brand-new looking cars.


Each vehicle displayed a large, vibrant orange sticker stating, ‘Ride Revived by Armor All.’ These stickers were strategically positioned within a window that offered a view of the car’s original condition, creating a compelling visual and drawing attention to the transformation.

The campaign’s primary objective is to demonstrate that if Armor All’s products can restore the shine to these abandoned cars, they are equally capable of rejuvenating the appearance of owned vehicles. In addition, with this unique outdoor medium, Havas Malaysia has also created a captivating social media video to raise awareness about the campaign.

Aaron Abner Ang, Head of Marketing for Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia at Energizer Holdings Inc., shared, “Armor All has always been committed to delivering innovative and effective cleaning solutions to car owners.


While our products enjoy broad visibility through our retail partners, we sought a medium that would unequivocally prove the efficacy of our products. The use of tangible evidence proved to be an effective way to achieve this goal. Additionally, these revived cars offer us a unique opportunity to raise awareness and bolster our brand’s credibility.”

Adding on he said, “We are grateful for Havas’s dedication to the campaign. The creativity and proactive approach from the Havas team have made this collaboration a truly inspiring journey.”

“Armor All equips car owners with all the tools needed to achieve a professionally cleaned look. We believe that there’s no better way to convince car owners of the efficacy of their products than by showcasing the results right before their eyes. The use of old, abandoned cars helps to amplify and dramatise the efficacy of Armor All’s products”, shared Donevan Chew, Chief Creative Officer of Havas Malaysia.


Chief Creative Officer: Donevan Chew
Creative Director: Shireen Ang
Copywriter: Dhabitah Zainal / Donevan Chew
Art Director: Nuwai Zabid / Syakir Ariffin
Senior Producer: Syakeera Abd. Hamid
Producer: Zehn Wu
Head of Creative Services: Angie Cheah
Project Manager: Calis Teo
Client Management: Liew San Ling / Majorie Michael / Jasmine Kuan / Jing
Production House: Awesome Studio

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