ARC EDIT Adds Lucas Baynes to the Roster

    By The Staff - Oct 26, 2020
    ARC EDIT Adds Lucas Baynes to the Roster

    ARC EDIT has added Lucas Baynes to its senior roster, as the company celebrates his work on Hamish Rothwell’s latest Rebel Sports campaign. Baynes has been building his folio of commercial and long-form work over the last few years with directors such as Dylan Pharazyn, Leo Woodhead, Alex Roberts, Uncle Friendly & Jae Morrison.

    “Lucas is a rare talent in the offline world. He has a great understanding of balance, tone and pace and a determination to never let anything go,” said Peter Sciberras, editor and partner, ARC EDIT. “He’s a special addition to our roster, and we all look forward to seeing him continue to rise in stature and reputation in the years to come.”

    Joseph Perkins, MD, ARC EDIT added: “I couldn’t be happier for Lucas. He is someone who has thrown every ounce of himself at growing and improving all while having an utter passion to be the absolute best at what he loves. He is one of the most exciting talents to emerge over the last few years and I’m thrilled for ARC EDIT to be part of his career.”


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