Aquafresh Fortune Telling via Grey Tokyo

Grey Tokyo conceptualized a campaign collaborating with renowned Japanese fortune teller, Johnny Kaede.




Grey Tokyo

Aquafresh Fortune Telling is a digital initiative initially launched in the summer of 2021 to keep people motivated to brush their teeth in the mornings during Covid times, via Gray Tokyo.

According to the campaign:

“While brushing your teeth morning and night was common within the Japanese lifestyle, the emphasis has also slowly shifted to brushing in the night and less in the morning. While being in the middle of the seventh Covid wave and as the season heads toward winter, many people in Japan expect the eighth and ninth wave to emerge, prompting Aquafresh to revive the campaign for a short stint, starting on September 26th.


In the Covid-19 era, there are a few reasons why people tend to skip or forget to brush their teeth in the mornings, factors such as: working from home, restrictions on going out, fewer face-to-face social gatherings, a more flexible routine, people getting up later in the morning and going straight to having breakfast.

Aquafresh wanted to remind people to get back into the morning teeth cleaning routine. Grey Tokyo conceptualized a unique campaign collaborating with the very well-renowned Japanese fortune teller Johnny Kaede, famous also as he has written a series of articles for many publications.

Japanese people are fond of fortune-telling, and many have developed the habit of checking their daily fortune on the morning news and entertainment shows. For this campaign people are asked to upload a photo on Twitter showing the toothpaste applied to their toothbrush. Users would then receive their fortune-telling results from the famous Johnny Kaede based on the colour and shape of the toothpaste on the brush.”



Agency: Grey Tokyo
Client: Aquafresh – GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Japan KK

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