AppNexus Partners with the Federation for Internet Alerts for Real Time PSAs

AppNexus has partnered with the Federation for Internet Alerts (FIA), to globally distribute geo-targeted weather advisories and life-saving warnings in real-time it was announced today.

A direct integration with the FIA Alert Hub, a centralized, cloud-based hub that aggregates official all-hazard alerts, and AppNexus’ ad serving technology allows critical safety information from government agencies and non-profits to be delivered digitally to the public, anywhere in the world.

AppNexus now becomes the first ad tech company to distribute PSAs globally and in real-time.


“AppNexus’ mission is to build a better internet. Through our integration with FIA, we are extending the technology built for our platform – enhanced targeting, mobile capabilities and campaign tools – to help protect communities hyper-locally and in real-time,” said Brian O’Kelley, CEO of AppNexus. “We are proud to partner with FIA in this important work.”

According to the release:

Since December 2016, FIA has sent 71,819 issued alerts to AppNexus, which resulted in 14,992 alert activations. These alerts resulted in the delivery of 471.8 million impressions served to the public. Examples of the expanded alerts served include avalanche, flash flood, tornado, red flag, winter storm, blizzard, severe thunderstorm and wind chill warnings.AppNexus is currently trafficking alerts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and Environment Canada, with the ability to add alerts from other official alerting authorities, which can now be disseminated anywhere in the world.

“As a founding partner of FIA, we’re grateful to AppNexus for its commitment to the worthy cause of keeping citizens safe as media consumption becomes more digital and mobile,” said John Montgomery, EVP Brand Safety, GroupM.  “This new AppNexus direct integration with FIA will enable greater efficiency in ingesting alerts from more official sources and the targeting of those life-saving messages to impacted and relevant audiences.”


“This ability for AppNexus to assist during life-critical events is a major step forward in scaling alerts and improving community resilience globally,” said Jason J. Bier, President of FIA. “As people consume digital media in greater numbers around the world, AppNexus will help save lives through its participation in the distribution of credible information.”

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